C.A.P. is committed to providing our clients with high quality services. We offer a wide variety of services by specialized personnel for foreigners that are establishing, or have established, themselves in Spain. At C.A.P. we pride ourselves on offering the best service possible to our clients and we work hard to do so.

C.A.P. covers the whole coast with various offices ranging all the way from Nerja down to the Marbella area, but have clients all over Spain.

If you believe we may be of service to you, please don’t hesitate to send us message with your contact details below, and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.


About Us

C.A.P. was formed in 2010 by a series of professionals specialized in taxes, legal work, estate agency and insurance, and immediately became one of the biggest and most complete offices on the Costa del Sol. There is no service we can’t provide or offer, and no problem that we cannot solve. We also have a huge range of affiliates which allow us to offer a wide variety of all the services we provide.

We are certified insurance agents of Helvetia Insurance, we are registered agents with the UK Tax Authorities (HMRC), we have properties for sale or rent all along the Costa del Sol and we have specialized lawyers and tax advisors for all your needs.


Our Services


Helvetia Insurance Company is a Swiss company with a long tradition and prestigious position in the insurance world. One of the basic ideals of both Helvetia Insurance Company and C.A.P. Consulting is customer satisfaction based on competitive prices, complete insurance packages, good coverage and enthusiastic, well trained team of professionals at your service.

We are an exclusive agent for Helvetia Insurance Company and would like to help you with your insurance for cars, motorbikes, houses, business ́s, health, life insurance, investment plans, pension plans, Civil Responsibility, hunting & fishing and many more policies.

We have special rates for expats on the Costa del Sol, and can be applicable and sold throughout to the whole of Spain.

We have specially negotiated rates for expats on car insurance, special tariffs for house insurance along with health, investment plans, pension plans, Civil responsibility, fishing and hunting, and many more policies at your disposition. Based on simple statistics, we are able to offer expats preferential rates on most of our policies. Car, home and life insurance policies are some of the most competitive and complete policies offered on the market today, and with our special rates for expats, we can offer some of the best discounts to be found.

On car insurance we can offer up to 90% discount on normal rates, along with up to 40% discount for home insurance, very competitive life insurance policies and investment thought for making the best use of your money short and long term. We have pension plans to give you the possibility of enjoying your retirement as you should after all those years of hard work.

If you are more the adventure person, we have insurance for hunting, fishing, civil responsibility for recreational boats as well as being able to insure you business to give you that peace of mind while you enjoy yourself.

If you are interested in finding your quote for as many policies you wish, please get in contact with us or fill in the contact sheet and we will give you the best deal we can for you needs.


All the members of C.A.P. tax department are qualified professionals with specialized degrees, but have a wide knowledge of other European tax and legal systems, making our primary aim to help you overcome the seemingly daunting legal and tax systems which you are likely to encounter in Spain.

We offer business as well as personal tax services, including business accountancy, business tax returns, personal income tax returns, UK tax returns, pensions, national health insurance, etc. The Spanish tax and labour systems are much more complex in comparison to other European States and professional advice is strongly recommended when encountered with related matters.

Estate Agency

C.A.P. are the most dynamic estate agents on the coast. We have full compromise to find our clients whatever property they’re looking for. We cover the whole Costa del Sol area and have properties with a whole variety of characteristics which are sure to please you whatever you’re looking for. If we don’t have the property you’re looking for, you can let us know what you’re looking for and we shall notify you if anything would become available. Click here to see the properties that we have for sale/rent.


One of the most important aspects of living in a country is to understand the Laws that you have to live by. This becomes even more complicated if you are foreign and are living in a country that isn't your own.

The Spanish Law System is divided into different branches. Depending on the matter at hand, it is classified under one, or various, branches. Each branch has its own series of Laws.

If you have a matter that may need legal action, C.A.P. will study your specific case and will only give advice that is best for our clients, assuring total confidentiality.

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